Welcome to the Technology Outreach program. This program is still in its early days of planning and execution but as we start these projects I hope to bring a structure that allows for many opportunities for students to be able to acquire A+ hours or even use this as a way to grow in some basic skills of video and social media productions that can be used for personal or school related projects in the future.  I also hope to offer even more use of our technology to students in the future to assist in school projects that may require creating videos, presentations, or other technology-related projects as I did back when I attended North Platte High School and continued to use in college and now my current day to day activities at work or volunteer projects.

-Zachary Schank

Plan of Action

What we Plan to Do

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Of course, we want everyone to be safe so we do ask if any students want or ask to volunteer for a project, we expect that they have their parent/guardian’s permission to take part in these projects. We will always be open to communication with all volunteers of exact locations and schedule plans for each project. We will also ask individuals or businesses who we create projects for to keep the locations simple to access or meet in a public and central location to film to keep it easy for our student volunteers.

At Dearborn United Methodist Church we take great care to promote safety and safe places for all. That is why we make sure Church volunteers have gone through Safe Gatherings training and certification or at least one trained personnel is present at all times and we work with the principle that two leaders are present at all times with the students.  As the main lead of the overall project, Zachary has gone through Safe Gatherings training and always plans to work with another assistant. 

We gladly welcome any parents or guardians to join with the student(s) to assist in the project. 

We will note that this is all based on volunteer work so the strength and success of this project will relate to the commitment of all involved and the availability of church volunteers like Zachary to help lead and plan the project, so there may be times of limited projects due to schedules and availability.

We take the safety and the well-being of everyone who comes through our doors a top priority. That is why we ask many of our members and volunteers to go through Save Gatherings for a background check and training. We always have at least one Safe Gatherings certified personnel at our events. You can learn more about Safe Gatherings by clicking here.

All Safe Gatherings certifications are renewed every three years for each individual.

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