You can give below with a one-time donation or sign in to give a recurring offering.

If you decide to give online, please note there are fees that are deducted on the offering to to help pay for the secure transaction between you,, and to the church. To help  pay for fees you can click the box to add a 2.9%, for credit cards, to the offering to help offset the processing fees for the church if you so choose. No matter how you give your offering is appreciated and you help us continues God’s work in our missions.  Thank you.

To help make the most of you offering, try to do one larger donation than smaller donations like monthly vs weekly donations if at all possible. There is a transaction fee of $0.30 for each separate donation involved so one donation is $.30 while four would add to $1.20. These types of transaction fees are common when using credit cards in stores and when wiring money from one bank to another which is why these charges occur within online giving.

If you do not want to use the online system, you can mail your offering to DUMC at PO Box 187 Dearborn, MO 64439.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact Zachary Schank, Treasurer, at

Thank you for your support.